From The World Of ‘White Ash’ Comes ‘Glarien,’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

The White Ash universe is expanding. Just launched on Kickstarter is Glarien #2, from writer Charlie Stickney, artist Romina Moranelli, colorist Fin Cramb, and letterer Conor Hughes

This stand-alone mature fantasy miniseries is the continuation of the tale of the early days of White Ash’s most dangerous elf. The story is told through the eyes of Rachel, a young woman living in 1970’s New York City. Glarien #1 was a huge Kickstarter success with over 1700 backers, and now Glarien #2 has already nearly TRIPLED its fundraising goal. 

Glarien tells the tale of two women and the different paths they take to overcome life-altering tragedies. Jumping from the elf realm of ancient Alfheim to the gritty streets of New York City circa 1971, two seemingly-unrelated tales will slowly weave together to reveal a critical piece of White Ash’s complicated past.  

Oh, and because Glarien is involved, expect carnage…

“One of the themes that runs through White Ash is, as much as we try to forge our own, unique path in life, the shadow of those who came before us hangs heavy,” said Stickney. “The story of Glarien not only servers as window into the history of who she was, but events that transpire in the mini-series will have a huge impact on how the modern day story of White Ash unfolds—

“Working with Romina is amazing and bringing her on board for Glarien was one of the best creative decisions I’ve made. She loves drawing the character, which you can see in the energy and passion that ripple through her images. And while Conor is an absolutely incredible artist in his own right, there’s something fitting about having a woman bringing Glarien’s coming of age story to life.

“I think many people who enjoy White Ash love it for its grounded, urban fantasy approach to storytelling. That said, it’s nice to do a deep dive into high fantasy now and then. Glarien gives our fans a chance to scratch that itch. And for those who have come to White Ash through Glarien, it’s a great entry point into a larger world that’s only getting bigger.”

Backer rewards kick in at the $7 tier for a digital copy of the second book. For five bucks more, you can snag digital copies of both Glarien #1 and #2. At higher tiers, you’ll find physical copies, variant covers, and art prints. Check out the campaign here

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