Previewing AfterShock’s New Horror-Mystery ‘The Brother of All Men’ #1

by Olly MacNamee
Written by Zac Thompson
Art by Eoin Marron

“It is 1928. Veteran of the Great War and part-time private eye Guy Horn travels to a remote community in Western Canada to retrieve his estranged brother from the clutches of a dangerous cult. As Guy struggles to gain control of his own personal demons, he’s tantalized by the cause and its charismatic leader, Brother XII.
A tightly plotted horror-mystery based on a true story wherein writer Zac Thompson (I BREATHED A BODY, UNDONE BY BLOOD, Ka-Zar) joins forces with artist Eoin Marron (KILLER GROOVE) for a new miniseries that blends the unexpected twists of hard-boiled detective noir with the uncanny traditions of folk-horror.”

The Brother of All Men #1 is out Wednesday 20th July from AfterShock Comics

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