‘The Purge’ Meets ‘Scream’: Previewing Rogues’ Gallery #1

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Declan Shalvey
Written by Hannah Rose May
Art by Justin Mason, Triona Farrell

“SERIES PREMIERE – Writer HANNAH ROSE MAY makes her comic debut with rising-star artist JUSTIN MASON for an all-new series with DECLAN SHALVEY.

The Purge meets Scream in a home invasion thriller that follows disenfranchised TV superhero actress Maisie Wade as she is terrorized by an unhinged group of intruders cosplaying her day job’s archvillains. If Maisie is going to survive the night, she’ll need to be the hero she has come to despise.
GENRE Action & Adventure, Horror, Thriller

The Purge meets Misery in a twist on the classic slasher tale where a celebrity’s biggest fans can become her biggest foes.”

Rogues’ Gallery #1 is out Wednesday 20th July from Image Comics

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