Review Round Up: All Last Week’s Reviews Under One Roof

by Olly MacNamee

A huge thanks to fellow senior editor, Brendan M Allen, for stepping into the breach last weekend for me. A three day musical festival got in the way, but I am glad to say normal services have now been resumed. And so to our round up of reviews and another busy week here at comicon HQ.

Scott Redmond brought us reviews of the following titles:

  1. Wolverine #23 (Marvel)
  2. Sabretooth #5 (Marvel)
  3. Black Panther #7 (Marvel)
  4. Strange Academy #18 (Marvel)
  5. What If… Miles Morales #5 (Marvel)
  6. Eight Billion Genies #3 (Image Comics)
  7. Poison Ivy #2 (DC Comics)
  8. TMNT: The Armageddon Game #1 (IDW Publishing)

I got round to reviewing three titles myself this week, even after a busy but enjoyable weekend:

  1. Dark Spaces: Wildfire #1 (IDW Publishing)
  2. Flashpoint Beyond #3 (DC Comics)
  3. Barbaric: The Harvest Blades one-shot (Vault Comics)

Plus, Tommy Smithyman reviewed August: Purgatory Underground #1 (Red 5 Comics) and Tony Thornley gave us his thought on Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #2 (Marvel).

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