Nearly A Hundred Pages Of Ninja Warrior Action: Previewing ‘GI Joe– Best Of Snakeyes’

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview of G.I. Joe: Best of Snakeyes, dropping tomorrow from Larry Hama, Don Perlin, Jack Abel, Jim Novak, Mike Vosberg, John D’Agostino, SL Gallant, Netho Diaz, and more. 

‘He’s the best of the best: ninja, soldier, and arguably the most recognizable member of G.I. Joe…and the most mysterious. He is Snake Eyes, and here’s your chance to delve into the mystery that surrounds this enigmatic (and silent) warrior, told by some of the greatest writers and artists in G.I. Joe publishing history.

Yeah, Snake Eyes might not have a lot to say, but at nearly one hundred pages of ninja-warrior action, this special reprint comic is going to get plenty loud!’

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