SDCC 2022: Cat-Man & Kitten Return With Jeff Parker And Joseph Cooper In A One-Shot Special

by Erik Amaya

Project Superpowers‘ Cat-Man and Kitten are getting their own comic book in November.

The company announced on Tuesday that writer and Jeff Parker and artist Joseph Cooper will spearhead Cat-Man & Kitten, a special one-shot dedicated to the two Project Superpowers characters. In the story, the pair “become embroiled in a dangerous race to recover a priceless artifact that may hold the key to conjuring an ancient god of death.” Along the way, they encounter pterodactyls, “throw hands with the Lavender Gang,” and face the Snake Men.

“The Cat-Man & Kitten special is artist Joe Cooper and I taking the reader into the world of a relatively obscure Golden Age hero and exploring how cool that can be if you embrace the wild elements instead of trying to subvert everything,” Parker said in a statement. “I wanted to craft a story that starts at one end of the pulp spectrum and keeps expanding in scope. Also, we have some appearances from other Project Superpowers characters and we’re keeping an air of mystery around them that fits the feel of the book.”

Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci added, “Jeff is one of the truly great writers in comics, and we’ve always loved his work at Dynamite as he creates some of the most engaging stories regardless of the character or genre, he just delves into the characters and brings the best stories with the artists he works with.”

The one-shot will be supported by covers from Junggeun Yoon, Jonathan Case, and Jacob Edgar. According to Parker, they “really cap this project.”

The Cat-Man & Kitten special will be in comic shops this November.

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