SDCC 2022: Fred Van Lente And Jonathan Lau To Aid The Return Of ‘Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt’

by Erik Amaya

Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt returns!

The character, created by Peter Morisi, was one of the first creator-owned characters and some of his attributes were borrowed by Alan Moore for Watchman‘s Ozymandias. Although the character often moves from title to title — and publisher to publisher — Peter Cannon never stays dormant for long and, as Dynamite announced Tuesday, he will be back in Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt: Destroyer of Death, a new series from writer Fred Van Lente and artist Jonathan Lau. Their tale will re-frame Peter’s origins for the mid-21st Century. With the world awash in false messiahs and conspiracy theories, Cannon discovers “the last surviving member of an order of mystics who has come to New York City to hunt the renegade master that destroyed his teachers and his parents.” With the old master, known as the Hidden One, hidden in New York society, Cannon becomes a wanted man. But much to his enemy’s dismay, he is “the fabled lightning vessel of the awakened, whose strike collapses time and defies even death itself … he is the living thunderbolt!”

“Peter Cannon is one of the most influential heroes of all time, inspiring not just Watchmen‘s Ozymandias and other kung-fu heroes like Iron Fist,” Van Lente said in a statement. “Jonathan and I have stripped Peter down to his essentials for some gritty martial arts action: A young man descends from his mountain retreat to use his newfound skills to save the world that may not want to be saved. Philosophy and fisticuffs abound!”

“Fred Van Lente has reinvigorated Peter with a love and appreciation that audiences will love, and we couldn’t be prouder to have Jonathan back drawing this incredible adventure,” Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci added. Lau provided art for Dyanmite’s previous Peter Cannon tale and returns for this upcoming series.

Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt: Destroyer of Death #1 is due for release in November.

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