Early Look: Horrifying New Supernatural Series ‘Damn Them All’

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has announced Damn Them All, a brand new original horror series from artist Charlie Adlard and writer Simon Spurrier, colorist Sofie Dodgson, and letterer Jim Campbell.

‘Meet Ellie “Bloody El” Hawthorne: occultist-for-hire. Following the death of Ellie’s uncle, an infamous magician and occult detective, the 72 devils of the Ars Goetia are mysteriously freed from their infernal realm. Now it’s up to Ellie to track down each of these exiled demons and damn them right back to Hell by any means necessary… holy water, conjuration, or just her trusty, rusty claw hammer.’

Damn Them All is the right project at the right time. A series mixing crime and occultism, it’s the perfect fusion of Charlie’s peerless storytelling and my own ghastly preoccupations,” said Spurrier. “It’s hard boiled, it’s clever, it’s bleakly funny, but above all it’s angry to its core. Angry at the world, at the injustice, at the £$%#s who run the show, and ultimately at the creator responsible for this utterly imperfect creation. This is a book about demons, in which—spoilers—the demons aren’t the bad guys.”

“I’ve wanted to work with BOOM! for ages… And I’ve wanted to work with Si for ages… Then the planets aligned and the perfect partnership was formed. With the perfect book,” added Adlard. “Damn Them All is everything I want a comic book to be. Intense. Atmospheric. Brutal. Horrific. And, above all, a mighty fine read!” 

Featuring main cover art by series artist Adlard, and variant covers by DANI, Christian Ward, Sean Phillips, and more, Damn Them All is set to hit the spinner racks this Fall.

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