SDCC 2022: ‘Dark Crisis’ Becomes ‘Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths’ With Fourth Issue

by Olly MacNamee

Announced at the DC Dark Crisis panel today at SDCC, Dark Crisis will be renamed Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Daniel Sampere. The rename makes this the official sequel to DC’s groundbreaking Crisis on Infinite Earths, with the first three issue to be reprinted with the new title.

During the panel Joshua Williamson explained the deception:

“We’ve kept the real name a secret from the start because we didn’t want to give away what was happening in the middle of the story, with the return of the Infinite Earths.”

Daniel Sampere added:

“It means so much to me to be able to be involved in creating a sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths. It really is an honor and a dream come true for any comic book fan. Over the next few issues, fans can expect a big action explosion, with lots of epic, huge battles and a lot of emotion and surprises.”


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