Table Top RPG Creators Corner — Dice Maker Jamie Of ‘Color Spray Creations’

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the table.

In this installment of our RPG Creators Corner, I had the chance to sit down with Jamie of Color Spray Creations.

Anton: Hi, and thank you for taking the time to chat with me about your craft. Your work is whimsical and bright and each time it came across my desk there was something eye-catching and new. Before we dig into the creative side of things can you tell our reader a little more about the creator behind the creations?

Jamie: Heyo! Thanks so much for this opportunity to chat! I’m Jamie, a queer Korean American based out of Dallas Texas. I started making dice as a hobby around October 2020, and made it into a business in February 2021. I love TTRPGs, miniature games, and board games. Beyond the tabletop, I’m a huge weeb and lover of all things animation.

Anton: How long have you been involved in the tabletop role-playing space?

Jamie: I’ve been playing TTRPGs for over a decade now. Mostly D&D, but I’ve played in a few one-shots using other modules like OVA, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. I’m hoping to run a one-shot of Thirsty Sword Lesbians someday!

Anton: Thirsty Sword Lesbians is an amazing system so let me know if you need players for the table if you plan on running digitally! Are you currently playing in any regular campaigns?

Jamie: Yes! I play in two weekly campaigns, both using 5E. One is set in the EverQuest world of Norrath. I play as a Circle of Spores Druid named Philomena Brynmor in that one. The other is set in a homebrew world loosely based on Celtic mythology. In that campaign, I’m an Owlin School of Divination Wizard named Ekatarina Ivanov Perko, or Ekat for short!

Anton: Is dice craft your full-time job?

Jamie: As of last month, yes! I haven’t made an official announcement yet, but last month I quit my full-time job as a Product Owner in the ed-tech industry to focus on dice making. Realistically, dice-making isn’t something I’ll be able to do forever, but I’m gonna try and make it work for as long as I can before I have to return to the corporate world lol.

Anton: I love that you are making a choice to follow your dreams! Now when did you start dice making?

Jamie: I started making dice in October 2020. Like many dice makers, I stumbled upon one of Rybonator’s dice-making tutorials on YouTube. That sent me down a rabbit hole of videos, guides, and tutorials on dice making. I started out with those cheap dice molds you can buy off Amazon but now own multiple sets of masters, make my own molds, and am getting into printing masters myself!

Anton: You have recently unveiled a set of brightly colored dice based on a tank-top from Inkling and they are stunning. I mean as a fan of bright and vibrant colors these things are so bright they almost seem to defy reality. Can you tell us how you achieved those?

Jamie: Haha, thank you! Rainbow dirty pours are my favorite dice theme! I use EyeCandy pigment powders for the vibrant colors and a split pour cup to get an even distribution of resin with each dirty pour.

Anton: Normally I try and limit myself to only asking about one set of dice but there is another set that as far as I can tell does not have a name yet but they are sorta cosmic in a “vaporwave” sort of way. These things are so beautiful they are like functional art. Can you tell us the process behind those?

Jamie: Thanks so much! Those dice are especially dynamic because they look very different from different angles. It’s a two layer pour (pink and blue) with a piece of mylar in the middle. I tried to cut the mylar so it would fit in the molds with minimal crinkling. I also added holographic glitter to add more visual interest.

Anton: Do you take commissions?

Jamie: At the moment, I do not take commissions. Every once in a while, I’ll make an exception for a very special request, but in general, I do not take custom orders. Custom orders can be very costly on us creators, especially if a design requires multiple attempts to achieve exactly what a customer is requesting. Dice making is often trial and error, and personally, I don’t always get exactly what I was envisioning on the first try!

Anton: With everything going on in the tabletop role-playing space currently, what excites you the most?

Jamie: We’re in this TTRPG renaissance and there has been an explosion of new systems, modules, live-plays, and business centered around TTRPGs! I’m honestly excited about all of this, but especially seeing the creativity of other crafters outside of dice making.

Anton: I really appreciate you taking the time to hang out with me and talk dice. Please tell our readers where they can keep up with you and follow your work.

Jamie: Thank you so much! I’m most active on Instagram and Twitter. On IG I’m @colorspraycreations, on Twitter I’m @colorspraydice. All of my dice from previous dice drops, and future dice drops can be found on my website,

Until next time, may your colors always sparkle like stars in the night sky!

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