Judgment Comes In ‘AXE: Judgment Day’ #6 This October

by Tony Thornley

Earlier this week, Judgment Day came for the X-Men and the entire Marvel Universe will be drawn into it. In October, the apocalyptic event comes to an end in AXE: Judgment Day #6.

Written by Kieron Gillen with art by Valerio Schiti and Marte Gracia, the event promises to change the Marvel Universe forever, redefining what it means to be a hero. In October, the event comes to an end with the sixth issue of the series as well as a slew of tie-ins. Check out the solicitations below as well as a gallery of the covers for the whole shebang!

Alongside artists Francesco Mobili and Pasqual Ferry, Kieron Gillen will also spotlight three central characters in key one-shots that will bridge the gap between the penultimate and final issue. AXE: X-Men #1 will examine Jean Grey’s intricate relationship with the Phoenix Force, burning away the mystery behind their connection once and for all and AXE: Eternals #1 will tackle Ajak’s past decisions regarding the Celestials and how she plans to lead the Eternals through this latest challenge.

Alyssa Wong and Michael YG reunite to continue the saga of Lin Lie as the new Iron Fist in AXE: Iron Fist #1. After the clash between Lin Lie and his brother Lin Feng, Lin, protector of the mystical city of K’un-Lun – must reclaim access to K’un-Lun! But not before he faces a trial unlike any other: SHOU-LAO THE UNDYING?! Loki also stars as this adventure as the pair confront judgment and face Iron Fist’s greatest challenge yet.

“Lin Lie’s back, and so is Team Iron Fist!” Wong told Newsarama. “I’m thrilled to collaborate with Michael YG again for the next chapter in Lin Lie’s story!”

Gillen teams up with artist Daniele Di Nicuolo to bring Eros the Eternal into the action in AXE: Starfox #1! Complete with a new look designed by Valerio Schiti, this one-shot presents an important chapter for Starfox’s exciting future.

“Having done so much work with Thanos and the Eternals’ shared history, the most common recurring question was ‘What about Eros?’” Gillen told ComicBook.com. “I smiled enigmatically, which everyone missed, because no-one is in my house, watching my response, except my cats. I really should have thought that through. Anyway: as the world falls into hell, I finally reveal all. The world, more than ever, needs love. Can Eros finally live up to all the hopes he embodies?”

Judgment Day comes for Carol Danvers in Kelly Thompson and Andrea Di Vito’s Captain Marvel #42. Though Carol has had more than enough of being judged lately, there’s no escaping THIS Judgment Day as it determines whether Earth lives or dies. But as Carol and Lauri-Ell give their heroic best to prove their worth an…unexpected new player emerges.

“So on Captain Marvel we were just coming out of our own quite ‘judge-y’ arc when we tied in, so we had to get really creative in how to approach this story and still keep things fresh, and I’m so delighted that it happened that way,” Thompson told Popverse. “Sometimes a limitation like that actually helps you create something a bit different — and our guest artist Andrea Di Vito really embraced the idea in the most amazing way.”

Writer David Pepose and Juann Cabal continue their thrilling guest arc spotlighting Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four #48. Trapped alone inside the Baxter Building with no backup in sight, the Invisible Woman battles her way up 35 flights of death traps to stop the mad science of Oubliette Midas! But with the clock running out on the Celestial’s judgment, can Sue save her husband, Reed, from becoming the latest cog in the Exterminatrix’s interdimensional war machine? Can the Thing and the Human Torch free themselves from Oubliette’s twisted schemes, or will the hijacked Baxter Building prove to be the FF’s ultimate undoing?

Each issue of Immortal X-Men has seen Kieron Gillen and Lucas Werneck dive deep into the motives of mutantkind’s leaders and in Immortal X-Men #7, they’ll turn the spotlight on one of the most beloved X-Men–Nightcrawler! If you’re the heart of the X-Men, there’re days you want to tear out people’s heart. Judgment day is one of them. What extreme steps will Nightcrawler take in the name of the Spark?

Witness the divine judgment of the Eternals’ brutal attack on Mars in Si Spurrier and Rafael Pimentel’s Legion Of X #6. Judgment Day has arrived…and our very own Legion is on the chopping block! The Eternal Uranos launches a savage attack on Arakko, but it’s not only the planet Mars that’s at stake. Is David Haller a hero, will he succumb to his madness just as everyone –  perhaps even the Celestials themselves – predicts?

As the dust settles and the costs are counted, change is coming to Arakko — starting at the top in Al Ewing and Madibek Musabekov’s X-Men Red #7. After the catastrophic war with the Eternals, the Great Ring declares that ISCA THE UNBEATEN is no longer fit for the Seat of Victory. But Isca’s power is never to lose. If she won’t step down…is there anyone on Arakko who can make her?

Event architect Kieron Gillen’s continues his bold work on the Eternals mythology alongside artist Guiu Vilanova in AXE: Death To The Mutants #3. It looks like the end of the world. The world is taking it personally. The Machine That Is Earth is having a very bad day.

The astounding conclusion to “The Hunt for X” arrives in Benjamin Percy and Robert Gill’s X-Force #33. Mutants have staked their claim as the dominant species. That just means it’s time for Kraven the Hunter to prove once more he’s the apex predator. Kraven, Wolverine, Omega Red, dinosaurs, and more in this Kraven tale unlike any other, sure to reverberate for decades to come.

Be sure to pick up your favorites in October, and see how the Marvel Universe is changed forever!

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