Preview: ‘Electric Frankenstein: Illustrated Lyrics’ – 100+ Artists Take On 125 Tunes

by Richard Bruton

’90s punk rock band Electric Frankenstein asked over 100 artists to create short comics based on the lyrics of their songs… this is what they created…

100+ artists have contributed to the 352-page book, making short comics based on 125 songs of the band Electric Frankenstein. It’s described as “sometimes beautiful and poetic, but other times just downright disturbing and raw.”

The Electric Frankenstein: Illustrated Lyrics is now available to order in either hardcover and softcover through your local comic book store and through

Electric Frankenstein have released over 100 records since forming in 1992. Blending the rawness of punk with the sounds of hard rock, Electric Frankenstein are sort of where AC/DC meets The Dead Boys.

“There are 125 songs fully illustrated by great artists from all over the world, from various types of styles. Pretty much many of my favorite artists are in the book and many new ones for our fans to discover. The book looks like a demented children’s book, hahaha!” Sal Canzonieri, Electric Frankenstein co-band founder

As for the artists involved… well, deep breath everyone…

Johnny Ace & Kali Verra, Scott Aicher, Ben Appleby, Brian Allen, Dennis Anderson, Paul Andress, Michael Angelica, Simone Arena, Timothy Aymar, Peter Bagge, Romina Bandera, Mik Baro, Mike Bell, Berlin (BRLN), Big Toe (Tom Laura), Stephen Blickenstaff, Silvano Calligari, Sal Canzonieri, Kelly Campanile, Josepth Cerniglia, Cookie Cocurullo, Concrete Kobe, Coop (Chris Coop), Antoinette Coppola, Emanuela Cucchiarini (Eeriette), John Detrich, Johnny Dismal, Brent Engstrom, Huw Evans, Big Tony Fero, Mario Ferracina, Dan Falconer, Chico Felix, Lyndal Ferguson, Shannon Finch, Alex Fine, Alexis Salvador Flores, FLYACE 峯岡 裕輝, Eric “Eggie” Foust, Alberto Gantus Viamonte, Dirty Donny Gilles, Jon Groobz, Chris Hamer/ urbnpop, Luis Herpe, Mike Hoffman, ED Hose, Todd Huber, Dennis “Menace” Jackson, JayJay Jackson, Robert Jimenez, Bob Kathman, Tony Kelvin (Antonio Mazzeo), “Monster” Mark Kosobucki, Ginger Kuroishi, Andrew Krempec (AK’s Recreates), Jonathan La Mantia, Jeff Lamm, Cristina LaNoire,  Dave Leamon, Sam Leyja, Olaf Lüdeke, Johnny Lucas, Graham Manley, Till Mantel, MechanicalPencilGirl, Darren Merinuk, Wesley “Westexas” Mitchell, Cliff Mott, Ben Montes, Rick “Spine” Mountfort, Brian Musikoff, Dave “Grave” Newton, Robert Paul Nixon (Nix), Greg Oakes, Eric Olguin, Jeremy Olson, Ono-Ching (Jet Boys), Christian “Patch” Patchell, Mike Pender, Pablo Petroselli ( P Julian Petro ), Eric Pigors, Todd Porter, Flynn Prejean, Matt Reese, David Rose, Horror Rudey, Casey Sass, Kevin Saunders, Dave Savage, Chad Scheres, Glenno Smith, Smokin’ Joe, Sol Rac, Floydman Sumner, Ross E. Tesoriero, “the arch villain”, Mark “TOPES” Thompson, Ben Tegel, Adam Turkel, Matt Valentine, Jamie Vayda, Vincent Van Gogo Vidor, Nathen Wahl, Lance Ward, Kaylie White, Chris Wilson, Eli Wolff, Riccardo Zampieri, Jeff Zapata, &  Irina Zovich… whew.

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