Review Round Up: All Last Week’s Comic Book Reviews From Our Dedicated Team

by Olly MacNamee

We may not be the biggest team of reviewers around, but I am always impressed by the amount of comic books we do review. As you can see from the list below:

Tom Smithyman got through a good number of advance reviews. He looked at the following titles earlier this week:

  1. The Rocketeer: The Great Race #4 (IDW Publishing)
  2. Star Trek: The Mirror War #7 (IDW Publishing)
  3. The Silver Coin #12 (Image Comics)
  4. Blood Stained Teeth #4 (Image Comics)
  5. Ice Cream Man #31 (Image Comics)
  6. New Masters #5 (Image Comics)
  7. Seven Sons #2 (Image Comics)
  8. The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin #3 (Dark Horse)

With Scott Snyder simultaneously releasing his next wave if comiXology Originals’ titles, it was another busy week for me too. I reviewed the following titles:

  1. Canary #1 (comiXology Originals)
  2. Barnstormers #1 (comiXology Originals)
  3. Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine #1 (comiXology Originals)
  4. Fantastic Four #45 (Marvel)

This week Scott Redmond reviewed the following titles for us:

  1. Marauders #4 (Marvel)
  2. Immortal X-Men #4 (Marvel)
  3. Spider-Punk #3 (Marvel)
  4. I Am Batman #11 (DC Comics)

Tony Thornley reviewed the following:

  1. X-Men Hellfire Gala #1 (Marvel)
  2. Daredevil #1 (Marvel)
  3. A.X.E.: Judgment Day #1 (Marvel)

And, finally, Benjamin Hall, who reviewed Ordinary Gods #7 from Image Comics.

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