Why John Wick Should End After Chapter 4

by Tito W. James

John Wick was a 2014 sleeper success that catapulted Keanu Reeves back into the public spotlight and set a new standard for the action hero badass. John Wick chapter 4 will see the world’s deadliest assassin face off against new opponents played by Donnie Yen (IP Man), Bill Skarsgård (IT), Hiroyuki Sanada (Mortal Kombat), and Scott Adkins (Avengement).

The film series stylish approach to action and cinematography has garnered John Wick a fanbase of action-heads and cinephiles alike. However, even as a fan of the series, I’ve felt that the plot and mythology are getting out of hand. It was refreshing in 2014 to see a seemingly normal man go berserk over someone killing his dog– a plot device that’s usually reserved for a wife or child. The first John Wick managed to subvert action movie clichés while also delivering what makes the genre great.

While the John Wick sequels have more spectacular set-pieces and guest stars, the core character arc is wearing thin. The unique underworld setting becomes less mysterious and interesting the more we learn about it. As a fan of the character I hope that John Wick 4 will finish the saga on a high note. If the series tries to overextend itself or set-up another film, it may loose the fan passion that made John Wick a success in the first place.

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