Guide To The Dungeons And Dragons ‘Mini Dice Dungeon’

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the table.

I will never grow tired of these random little D&D branded offerings from RP Minis. You can find them on Amazon and I think even Target and on those plastic spinner racks at some of the big chain bookshops and of course at if you search Dungeons and Dragons. Last time we talked about the Beholder care booklet and Beholder mini with the light-up central eye. This go-around I want to talk about the Guide to the Mini Dice Dungeon.

What you get in this fun little box is a plastic-formed mound of stone with green painted moss that clings to the top and a bared plastic dungeon door that I must admit took a bit of doing to open. This little chunk of rock has a switch on the back where when you flip it a haunting neon green light shines in the tiny dungeon. It’s bright… I mean really really bright. Like this could easily sub in for a nightlight or in a pinch finding a dice under the couch if your phone happens to be dead and you have no access to a flashlight. There is also a nice little green transparent D20 with the D&D logo ampersand stamped into it and a micro-manual that is a Guide to the Mini Dice Dungeon. You get a lot in this small package.

The Guidebook is written with a wry sense of humor covering the importance of dice cleansing rituals, where to keep your dice, the importance of pre-rolling and dice rolling practice, and more. One of the most amusing sections of this tiny tome is the “Best Dice Practices to Consider by Class.” These tips are things like suggestions for those playing Rogues to locking up your dice right away in the Dice Dungeon as they will break out anyways and feel accomplished for doing so. The end of the book has a very fun collection of signs you can put with your dice shaming them for all sorts of failures like “I permitted my adventure to believe a barrel of mead was just a barrel of mead… and not a mimic.”

This is the type of thing that would make an amazing stocking stuffer or just a “thinking of you gift” for the TTRPG player in your life or… if you are like me… this is another fun little D&D branded item to add to your vast and ever-growing hoard of ampersand-stamped shelved items.


Until next time, may you always treasure your dice




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