Early Look: Supernatural Weapons And A Violent Cult In ‘Trve Kvlt’ #1

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed an early look at Trve Kvlt #1, dropping on August 17 from writer Scott Bryan Wilson, artist Liana Kangas, colorist Gab Contreras, and letterer DC Hopkins.

‘Marty Tarantella has been flipping burgers for 15 years. He has no kids, no hobbies, no love interests, and, essentially, no life. But what he does have is a plan to change everything. Years of watching the daily rhythms of the neighboring stores have given Marty the idea for a perfect heist, but when he accidentally steals a supernatural weapon from a cult full of violent lunatics, the resulting Satanic panic will be way above his minimum-wage pay grade.’ 

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