Advance Review: Mom And Dad Are The Real Monsters In `The Closet’ #3

by Tom Smithyman


Fresh of his Eisner Award win for best writer, James Tynion IV delivers another powerful, personal story. The writing is top-notch and is complemented by some terrifying visuals and a main cover that perfectly sums up the entire story.


With nearly every new story and issue, James Tynion IV reminds his readers why has won the Eisner Award for Best Writer two years running. With recent credits as varied as Batman, Wynd, The Department of Truth and the masterful Something is Killing the Children, Tynion is on a roll. And he extends his winning streak with The Closet, which wraps its limited run with issue #3.

This story is much smaller than Tynion’s Batman Fear State storyline and doesn’t involve wild conspiracy theories like Department, which perhaps makes it more compelling and relatable for the reader.

After all, who hasn’t worried about a monster lurking in a closet or under a bed? What makes it drive even closer to home, though, is understanding more about the beast and how the constantly arguments from mom and dad have exacerbated the terror. In the end, it’s not a supernatural creature that is the real monster, it’s parents who are so focused on their careers and themselves that they forget to actually raise their children.

This is all revealed through a series of conversations on a cross-country road trip, as well as a final confrontation between terrorized Jamie’s dueling parents. The downside of Tynion’s great dialogue is that artist Gavin Fullerton doesn’t have a lot of material to create. It’s largely car interiors and a lengthy parking lot conversation set during a dark night. Fortunately, when the monster from the closet makes its terrifying appearances, it’s treated brilliantly – and tragically. Also, Fullerton’s cover perfectly depicts up the true monster.

Tynion wisely resisted the popular temptation of making The Closet a 10-part maxi-series, instead opting to tell what seems to be a deeply personal story briskly. While the first issues set up the questions, Tynion used the finale to deliver the answers. As in life though, while we may have the answers, we are not treated to tidy, clear resolution.

The Closet #3 will be available for purchase on August 3, 2022.

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