Kickstarting Comics: Shelly Bond’s ‘Fast Times In Comic Book Editing’ Is Up On Kickstarter Now…

by Richard Bruton

Shelly Bond’s lost tales of the rise and fall and rise of an editorial ingénue come to Kickstarter…

Reuniting the team behind Filth & Grammar: The Comic Book Editor’s (Secret) Handbook, Shelly Bond, Imogen Mangle, and Laura Hole, along with some of the best artists working in the biz bring the dirt on the ’90s working at Vertigo in a mix of stories and comics for Fast Times in Comic Book Editing, up on Kickstarter until 25th August 2022.

According to the PR:

In December of 1992, an editorial ingénue disappeared into a forest of comic book pages in the heart of New York City, while working at a major publishing house. Thirty years later, her lost tales are brought to life via the ultimate art form.

Artists include Tess Fowler, Chris Weston, Chynna Clugston Flores, Pidge, Amalia DeGirolamo, Dilraj Mann, A.D. Puchalski, Rachael Smith, Jill Thompson, Paul Pope, Michael Allred, and Peter Gross among others. But there’s also a few guest writers pitching in, including Neil Gaiman, Steven T. Seagle, and Mike Carey.

Art from “Lunchdrop/Rockstar” by Imogen Mangle!

Basically, “Fast Times in Comic Book Editing is a collection of stories and comics telling of ‘a career-driven editor’s” rise and fall and rise again in New York in the ’90s, “who’s in over her head as she tries to secure a place in the male-dominated comic book industry.”

Or, as Bond puts it in the PR…

“If FILTH & GRAMMAR is 80% how to make comics from an editor’s POV and 20% short comics about my so-called edit life, FAST TIMES is the opposite ratio: 20% editing tips and 80% comics & prose. It’s both a standalone volume and a chaotic companion to F&G: A 160-page tribute to the most exciting time to be alive and making comics—amid the glamour and decadence of ’90s New York City—with a Britpop soundtrack.” – Shelly Bond

Art by Tess Fowler – L to R: Matt Wagner, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan. Center: Vertigo’s Original Mastermind, Executive Editor Karen Berger.

As you should know,Bond has been an editor in the biz for over three decades now, credited with bringing the likes of The Sandman, The Invisibles, Fables, iZombie, and many more to print over at DC Vertigo. As the last editorial hire at Vertigo, Bond worked with a who’s who of comic talent. Let go from DC in 2016, still one of the really dumbest of dumb decisions there, she was instrumental in bringing the much loved Black Crown line into being in 2017.

Promising to celebrate the never-ending hustle of putting out monthly comics, the rustling of feathers in doing so, and the precarious climb up the corporate ladder – all the while “navigating the power, corruption, and drama that a career in comics demands,” Fast Times in Comic Book Editing is a love story (of sorts) to the medium.

Things to look forward to…

Office antics…

Art by Nanna Venter with colour by Sofie Dodgson!


Convention routines…

Art by Tess Fowler for “The (Young) American British Invasion” with colour by Sofie Dodgson!

And of course… a lot of hanging on the telephone…

Art by Chris Weston for “Hanging on the Telephone with Grant Morrison.”
Art by Laura Hole for “Hanging on the Telephone with Neil Gaiman.”

“I gave my sweat and service to the office by day, but weekends were solo, devoted to urban exploration. I’d embark on a music and sartorial crawl on the Lower East Side through St. Mark’s Place—from the sale section in the back of Trash & Vaudeville to an A to Z flip through vinyl at Sounds, to a late lunch at Dojos for cheap soba. And then, on to my final destination: St. Mark’s Comics until midnight—going through the racks and dusty stacks to find new artists and writers who could help me change the world—one comic book panel at a time.” – Shelly Bond

Art by David Zacharis for “A Date with St. Mark’s Place.”
Art by Mark Stafford from “Sic & Stet in New York City”

Fast Times in Comic Book Editing has already powered past its $25,000 goal, but that’s no reason for you not to head over there right now and give them even more – after all, there’s a damn fine book as your reward!

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