Mark Millar Nabs Jorge Jiménez And Pepe Larraz For Millarworld

by Olly MacNamee got the exclusive, but the internet then helped spread the word. Us included.

After teasing on social media that Mark Millar had grabbed DC Comics and Marvel’s biggest talents, today he and his team revealed who they are and what they’ll be working on.

First up, Jorge Jiménez will be teaming up with Millar in the long-awaited Nemesis sequel, Nemesis Reloaded. Here’s what Jiménez told CBR:

“I’m especially excited to have this opportunity to work with Mark Millar! He is not only a writer that I have admired for years, but he is also one of the titans of the comic book world. In addition, Nemesis series has everything I need to develop my style as an artist in a crazy, daring way and without filters.”

The more opaque news was what Millar was going to be working on with his second scalp, Pepe Larraz. Big Game, like the Nemesis sequel, is coming in 2023 and seems to be a crossover featuring many, if not all, of Millar’s many Millarworld characters, long established as being part of a larger shared universe. But that has never really been explored. Until now, maybe?

Here’s what Larraz had to say to about his involvement with Millar:

“Since I started thinking about drawing American comic books, I always have wanted to work with Mark Millar. Who wouldn’t? But what I could never have expected is to work on something that interlocks and pulls together so many series Mark has written. This is a huge privilege for me and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

And, giving the last word to Millar himself, here’s what the writer said about working with both these artists:

“I’m in love with these guys and have been sending them fan mail for years. Jorge I think is the best Batman artist of this century and Pepe is, in my opinion, the greatest X-Men artist of all time. If you’re going to steal, steal big so I went for Marvel’s biggest player and DC’s top dog. Having them over here at Netflix with us is an absolute treat. They’re both deep in their respective projects and we’ll be releasing some of the art as previews in the back of our current Magic Order and Prodigy series.”

And with the promise of anther announcement this Thursday, expect more to come later this week.

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