‘Dome-King Cabbage’ Is The Weirdest Game We’ve Ever Seen

by Tito W. James

Created by Joe Buchholz, Dome-King Cabbage is a visual novel about a cloud-person named Mush nervously making their way to a job interview. Mush has to grapple with their ability to perceive the world through the lens of a monster-collecting RPG. Dome-King Cabbage is the first chapter in an episodic interactive-fiction series. Even from the teaser images Dome-King Cabbage looks like no other game out there. The use of mixed-media is captivating and the characters range from charming to disturbing. All in all Dome-King Cabbage has the makings of an indie gem that could be the next big thing.

You can wishlist Dome-King Cabbage right now on Steam.

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