Gen Con 2022: Free League Announces ‘Dragonbane’ RPG

by Anton Kromoff

Welcome to the table.

I have said this many times and I will continue to say it until it is no longer true. Free League makes absolutely beautiful books. That makes this breaking news even more exciting to me. You see, as Gen Con 2022 ramps up, Free League has announced they will be releasing Dragonbane in English for the first time… and it is happening at the end of the month!

A brand new edition of Sweden’s first, and easily biggest, tabletop roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner, or as it is known in English, Dragonbane,  is coming to Kickstarter on August 30th 2022.

There has been a bit of a “Swedish invasion” in the TTRPG scene in the last few years, with award-winning titles like Vaesen, Tales From the Loop, Forbidden Lands, Symbaroum, and MÖRK BORG being just a few of the standouts that sit upon my shelves. What is exciting about this and everyone else who loves TTRPGs is that Drakar och Demoner is the Swedish roleplaying game that started it all.

Drakar och Demoner / Dragonbane has art by acclaimed illustrator Johan Egerkrans, one of my absolute favorite artists of all time, who will be lending his skills to this new edition along with Tomas Härenstam, who will be the acting lead game designer. Härenstam is best known for his work on Mutant: Year Zero, Forbidden Lands, and the ALIEN RPG.

Free League is calling this new edition’s playstyle “mirth and mayhem roleplaying” – great for long campaigns, but also perfect for a one-shot for players who just want to have some quick fun at the table for a night. The core set will include at least one complete adventure and we hope to unlock many more as stretch goals, offering a complete campaign to play even in the core game set.

Keep an eye on this space and the Free League socials for updates on Dragonbane!

Until next time, keep your eyes up, your head down, and if you see a dragon… run!

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