Kickstarting Comics: Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian’s ‘Dark Legacies’ Launches On Kickstarter

by Richard Bruton

Babylon 5 star Claudia Christian launches the Sci-Fi comic Dark Legacies, a brand new creator-owned series co-written by Chris McAuley and with art from Staz Johnson.

Mock-up of the Alex Ronald main cover design

The Dark Legacies multimedia Sci-Fi project that will include comics, books, and games, all set in an epic future timeline, developed by actress and writer Claudia Christian and fellow writer Chris McAuley, with Staz Johnson providing artwork and Matt Soffe the colour artwork for the 4-issue comic series.

“I have always wanted to create my own science fiction universe, so working on this comic book with all of these talented artists has been an incredible experience.” – Claudia Christian, creator and co-writer, Dark Legacies

Described by co-writer Chris McAuley as something that will appeal to fans of the novels of Iain M. Banks, movies like Blade Runner, and TV series such as the expanse, the comic series of Dark Legacies takes place at a pivotal point in the Dark Legacies timeline, described in the Scratch Comics PR as a time in which “Earth is emerging from a dystopian past, moving from a brutal governmental regime to an age of democracy. But of course as one regime falls those who try to take its place find the old guard and their secrets do not just happily fade away. Our main protagonist, Commander Steele, finds herself caught in a web of intrigue as the legacies of the totalitarian past surround her. Dark secrets are uncovered and a new hell is let loose in this all action blockbuster.”

Staz Johnson’s character sketches for Dark Legacies

Publisher Shane Chebsey of Scratch Comics was quick to point out that Dark Legacies is a true creative collaboration:

Claudia has been part of the creative process every step of the way in this comic, from conception to world building and script writing, right through to feedback on the art and storytelling.

Dark Legacies is initially a 4-issue comic book series, with this first 40-page issue, Prey available to back on Kickstarter until 23rd August 2022. is a 40-page comic book made up of a complete 22-page full-colour story plus behind the scenes text and illustrations. The main cover will be by Alex Ronald with a variant cover by Ben Oliver.

Kickstarter rewards include a chance to meet the creative team, including Claudia, at the International Comics Expo (ICE) 2022 in Birmingham UK on 10th September, as well as prints, artist sketches,

To pledge for your copy or to find out more go to

Now, to end with, a few of Staz Johnson’s pages for Dark Legacies before Matt Soffe works his colour magic on them…

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