Previewing ‘Dark Crisis: World Without A Justice League – Green Lantern’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Fernando Blanco

Colours: Jordie Bellaire

Letters: Troy Peteri

Backup: Jeremy Adams, Jack Herbert, Alex Guimaraes, Tory Peteri

“When Pariah and his forces of the Great Darkness laid waste to the most powerful superheroes of all time, all hope was lost…but the spirit of the Justice League can never truly die. John Stewart takes flight to defend his planet as the Emerald Knight of Justice alongside allies Red Hood and the blind prophet Kyle Rayner! Plus: Hawkgirl takes to the skies in her own unique world! Where there’s life there’s hope, and with that hope comes a deeper unraveling of the tapestry of the DCU’s biggest event of 2022!”

Dark Crisis: World Without A Justice League – Green Lantern #1 is out Tuesday 9th August from DC Comics

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