‘Green Lantern’ And ‘Black Canary’ Still In Development At HBO Max

by Erik Amaya

Although the shockwaves of the latest Warner Bros. Discovery crisis continues, some islands of stability have emerged.

TVLine reports the long-in-development Green Lantern series and the Black Canary film are still in development at HBO Max. The former, originally announced at HBO Max’s first public event in 2020, comes from Arrowverse maestro Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and showrunner Seth Grahame-Smith (formerly of The Flash feature film). It will tell the tale of Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott (Jeremy Irvine) and 1980s GL Guy Gardner (Finn Wittrock) in their respective time periods. The latter will feature Jurnee Smollett as the Dinah Lance she played in Birds of Prey. The feature will reunite her with Lovecraft Country‘s Misha Green.

Additionally, Peacemaker executive producer James Gunn claims the series is safe for Season 2

While these three projects appear to be in good standing, TVLine suggests other DC shows on HBO Max may not be so safe as “tough calls” will be made. Presumably, Titans and Doom Patrol will return for at least one more season, but animated programs like Harley Quinn and Young Justice may be closer to cancellation due to the elongated production timelines.

The uncertainty comes after WBD took the unprecedented move of shelving Batgirl last week. The film was in post-production and abandoned due to a specific accounting maneuver available to the newly merged company though mid-August. Nevertheless, the cancellation of the film so late in its production cycle left many wondering just how much else the corporation would be willing to abandon. WBD CEO David Zaslav, meanwhile, told investors last Thursday that the company has a ten-year plan for the DC characters, but the current crop of films and television programs may not fit that new corporate vision.

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