Webcomic Weekly: Tess Fowler’s ‘Take The Fall’

by Richard Bruton

Another week, another Webcomic Weekly, this week with Tess Fowler’s powerful look at her graphic memoir, Take The Fall

Fabulous artist for the likes of Marvel, DC, IDW, and on titles including Rat Queens, Kid Lobotomy, Dungeons and Dragons, Charmed, Tess Fowler is working on her graphic memoir of a terrible couple of years entitled Take The Fall and she’s posted the first 10 pages up on Twitter for you to all get behind.

Take The Fall follows Fowler’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2020 all the way through to the now. From just these first few pages, you can just see this one’s going to be one of those incredibly powerful and moving works that you will want to be reading.

More news on Take The Fall as we get it, including where Tess is going to publish it. You can find stuff Tess would love to sell you at her online store and follow her on Twitter.

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