First Look At Balazs Lorinczi’s Magical, Queer Teen Romance Graphic Novel ‘Doughnuts And Doom’

by Olly MacNamee

Doughnuts and Doom is a new title coming from Top Shelf Productions this September. Written and illustrated by Balazs Lorinczi this is being sold as “a quirky, magical, queer teen romance told with remarkable visual fluency and captivating style. A must read for LGBTQ+ youth and romance lovers alike.”

Out on September 6th, we have a preview to share with you now, as well as the synopsis for this new graphic novel:

“When Margot meets Elena, emotions run high, magic is in the air, and doughnuts…float? One is a stressed-out witch trying to get her potions business off the ground, the other is a struggling rock musician whose band is going nowhere. Neither of them are having a good time! No wonder things quickly escalate from words to literal sparks flying when they first meet. Could this be the start of a delicious new relationship…or is a bad-luck curse leading them to certain doom?”


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