TV Review: ‘I Am Groot’

by Frank Martin

As with any streaming service, Disney’s main issue with their offering was finding a continuous stream of new content. Of course, blockbuster shows from Star Wars and Marvel would makeup the bulk of the buzz. But it is the animated shorts that keep feeding the fire. And that’s undoubtedly where I am Groot falls. It’s not a bad move on their part either. Cute and adorable characters like Grogu and Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) have been immense popularity. So focusing on shorts that feature characters like this will absolutely draw an audience from both mature and young fans alike.

As for the shorts themselves, they are a cute and fun way to pass the time, six minutes at a pop. It’s especially fun for parents to enjoy a brief moment with their kids. Baby Groot’s humor and antics have yet to disappoint, and these shorts only continue that trend. They don’t offer much in terms of overall Marvel Cinematic Universe lore, but that’s understandable. Surprisingly though, they do highlights Groot as a character. They might not add anything mythology or story-wise, but seeing him in the shorts allows fans of the character to see how he would react in certain situations. In that regard, they are very amusing.

There’s also another added benefit to setting these shorts during a certain time period in Groot’s life. Obviously, Baby Groot is more of a hilarious character than the adult version or even Teen Groot. And since the MCU has largely moved past the Baby Groot era, it is awesome to see this show revisit that time in the character’s life and explore more of his adventures. They are also so random and innocent that’s impossible not to watch them for six minutes and smile at least once. Also, a surprise appearance by Bradley Cooper‘s Rocket only adds to the show.

I Am Groot is now streaming on Disney+.

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