Experience “Fear Itself” In Latest ‘Marvel Future Fight’ Update

by Gary Catig

The blockbuster mobile RPG, Marvel Future Fight, is receiving a new update that players should be excited for. It brings them a higher degree of customization along with an event that draws inspiration from the comics.

This month, get ready to experience “Fear Itself.” The comic event of the same name saw villains upgrading their powers through hammers forged by Odin’s brother, Serpent. And as part of the new game content, Hulk, Juggernaut, Absorbing Man and Titania will receive extra uniforms. Moreover, Hulk can now be upgradeable to Tier-4 with Striker skill while select heroes, including the aforementioned Juggernaut, Absorbing Man, and Titania, will receive Awakened Skills and Transcend Potential.

Another addition is the introduction of Gorr the God Butcher as a new World Boss: Legend. Fresh off of his appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder, the villain is the strongest boss yet so only the worthy are able to take him down. Also, players can use the Archive feature to highlight Event Tokens. Other updates include improved features for Hero upgrades (added automatic biometrics selection and lock-up) and Material process (added automatic combining).

Marvel Future Fight is currently available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

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