Crowdfunding Comics: Dracula Returns (Again – This Time On Zoop) In ‘Cult Of The White Worm’

by Richard Bruton

A second chance to fund Dracula The Return: Cult of The White Worm – this time on Zoop!

(Main cover by Shane Oakley)

Back in July, we told you about the Kickstarter campaign for Dracula The Return: Cult of The White Worm, an official continuation of the classic tale.

Now, as happens at times with crowdfunding, it wasn’t able to make its target that time. But sometimes, you just can’t keep a good comic down, which is why Shane Chebsey of Scratch Comics made the decision to give it a second chance on the newer crowdfunding platform, Zoop.

As before, the campaign is for the first 48-page squarebound issue of a proposed 4-issue series that officially continues the story of Dracula from Bram Stoker’s classic gothic novel – the first adaptation brought to you by the Stokerverse as part of the Stoker family celebrations of the 125th Anniversary of Dracula.

Variant cover by Mike Perkins

The Stokerverse is the collaboration between writer Chris McAuley and Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s Great Grand Nephew, and is the umbrella brand for all Bram Stoker material in all media officially approved by Stoker.

The story kicks off right at the end of the novel, utilising Bram Stoker’s own notes to bring the iconic count back to life in what they’re calling “an authentic and faithful, yet fresh and exciting new way.”

The first 21-pages will be a full colour chapter of Cult Of The White Worm, written by Stoker and McAuley, with stunning art by Chris Geary and colour art by Matt Soffe. After that, the comic reveals the mysterious fourth Bride and delves into the backstory of Dracula’s man-servant Renfield in a couple of five and six-page back-up comic strips, co-written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer writer Denise Ciencen with art by the Awarded winning David Hitchcock. And finally, the book features bonus text pieces by both Dacre Stoker and McAuley delving further into the Dracula mythology.

Exclusive Comicon reveal of the art from the back-up strip by David Hitchcock

There are three variant cover options available by comics artists, Shane Oakley, Mike Collins, and Ben Stenbeck.

Variant cover by Ben Stenbeck

They’re currently, at the time of writing this, about 82% funded on Zoop. Head over here to give them your cash and see them through to target this time!

The Zoop campaign includes copies of the book in both digital and physical formats as well as a wide range of additional bonus rewards and add on items to pledge for. Those include art prints, sketch cover editions, a live online Zoom lecture from Dacre Stoker, one on one live zoom chat with Dacre and Chris McAuley, A4 original commission by Chris Geary, and a digital portrait commission by Si Chinook.

One rather special reward, limited to just 4 backers, is the ‘Dinner with Dacre bundle,’ which includes all variant editions, plus a VIP ticket to Birmingham’s International Comic Expo (ICE) happening on 10th September and an invitation on the Friday evening (9th September) to have a meal with Dacre Stoker in a top Birmingham Restaurant. If you’re after an hour and a half where ‘Dacre will host you and regale you with stories about Bram Stoker and how he wrote Dracula.’ (And for those of you over in the USA, fear not, there’s a ‘Dinner with Dacre’ USA bundle as well.)

So, get over to Zoop and fund it here…

And to end, a little preview of what to expect…

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