Advance Review: `Lower Your Sights’ Raises Money for Ukraine’s Children

by Tom Smithyman


The devastating war in Ukraine has affected everyone involved, but children particularly. The international comics community has come together for this heartbreaking and inspirational series of stories and artwork to benefit those children. It’s an investment that’s worth making.


A young Ukrainian refugee teaches her mother a lesson in faith.

A letter carrier delivers devastating news from the battlefield, only to be faced with his own life-shattering news from the front.

A mother who challenges a soldier’s rifle with her baby’s bottle.

These are the stories of war-torn Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion began in February, one-third of the country’s population has been displaced. The effect on children cannot be understated, which is why Mad Cave Studios has teamed up with Voices of Children to produce Lower Your Sights.

The one-shot anthology features a number of stories and pinups from Ukrainian creators as well as more well-known comics pros, including Matt and Sharlene Kindt, Jim Zub, J.G. Jones and Ryan Sook. Proceeds from Lower Your Sights go to Voices of Children, which is providing psychological support to children as well as working to evacuate families and provide food and housing for them.

The brief stories vary from the heartbreaking to the inspiring. Standouts include a devastating tribute from a mother remembering her 13-year-old son who was killed in the war, as well as Jones’ variant cover – which also serves as a pinup inside the book – of a family leaving a bombed-out building, with a teddy bear in the foreground wearing the yellow and blue colors of Ukraine.

The last several pages of the book feature introductions and artwork from several Ukrainian artists, who are doing what they can for their country’s children. That it has taken a tragedy like this to introduce these talents to a broader audience is beyond regrettable. But now that they are more recognized in the comics community, forgetting the artists – and, of course, the children – after the war has faded from the public’s consciousness would be an ever greater crime.

Lower Your Sights will be available for purchase on September 14, 2022.

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