Review – Fires Build As Does The Tension In ‘Dark Spaces: Wildfire’ #2

by Olly MacNamee


The heist is afoot, but have you ever known a heist to ever go smoothly? Ruby “Ma” Ning and her criminal crew may find that they’re in too deep after this issue’s startling revelation as the heat rises, literally and figuratively in Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2 from Scott Snyder, Hayden Sherman, Ronda Pattison and Andworld Design.


We’ve seen what we think is the tragic results of a seemingly failed heist in the opening issue to Dark Spaces, and so now in Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2 we get the heist itself. And the revelation that what they are looking to grab isn’t what one would expect. And, as the heist progresses, this isn’t the only surprising revelation writer Scott Snyder has to show.

Our unreliable narrator, Ruby “Ma” Ning, may well be talking about fires and how they can develop, spread and be unpredictable, but it’s clear that the narration metaphorically reflects the heist in motion itself. A heist that at any moment can have its own flare up. And, even the tensions that need to be sustained in any such heist plot, this flare up comes as much of a a shock to the firefighting criminals as it does to the readers. A cliffhanger that only raises more questions and complicates matters immensely.

Hayden Sherman’s experimentation with panel composition and page layout once again helps the story land. The use of fisheye on the prison bus and slanted, vertical panels are just two artistic choices that offers a different reading experience and adds added dynamism to the unfolding story. The cool greens adopted by colourist Ronda Pattison in the latter portion of the book suggest a certain safety from the raging forest fires, for now. They’re on the clock, and the complication that rears its ugly head in this issue can only compromise their plans. 

The game is on, and the tension, like the fires, is rising. 

Dark Spaces: Wildfire #2 is out now from IDW Publishing

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