‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ Meets ‘Saw’ In ‘Amputation Capital,’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

GlobalComix and UK-based publisher TPub Comics’ Amputation Capital is live now on Kickstarter. The all-new dystopian five-issue limited series, written by co-creators Raymond Tyler and Neil Gibson, with artist Andre Rizzo, colorists Liezl Buenaventura and Agnese Pozza, and letterers Jed McPherson and Kat Jackson, takes a good hard poke at celebrity worship and the collectibles market. 

‘Alfie’s good at buying celebrity skin. Real good. 

He has no problem convincing actors with waning careers to sell their body parts to his company, Skin Deep. His biggest purchase yet, the ring finger of recently divorced superstar actress, Morgan Mainor—a great victory, until a group of anti-skin activists called the Phantom Pain Project pay Alfie a visit, kick his head in, and force-feed him the two-million dollar finger on camera.

Alfie becomes the instant-infamous celebrity he’s always feared.’

“TPub was one of the earliest adopters of GlobalComix, and has been an incredible partner since,” said Christopher Carter, CEO and Founder of GlobalComix. “To have the opportunity to contribute to the launch of Amputation Capital is humbling and speaks to the faith Ray and his team have in GlobalComix. We can’t wait to see how fans react to this unique entry into TPub’s catalog.”

“I couldn’t have had more fun making this book with Neil and Andre,” said Raymond Tyler. “Previously working as a marketing influencer sparked this idea—the satire of professional managerial class and celebrity exploitation, about how we play certain roles in society and how those roles are unnatural ways to make ourselves more marketable. In Amputation Capital, characters aren’t just buying and selling ‘products’, they are the product.” 

“My sincere hope is that people are entertained, think a little bit and realize what a complete sicko Raymond Tyler is,” said Neil Gibson. “Why is Raymond a sicko? Well what sane person dreams up a porn star cutting off body parts and billionaires feasting on severed limbs of celebrities? I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s fun stuff to read—I just never want to see Raymond in the flesh again (just kidding)…”

“It was (a) really cool experience working on Amputation Capital, cause it was out (of) my comfort zone,” said Andre Rizzo. “I tried to put most of my storytelling through expressions and body language focusing on the concept of how much are you willing to sacrifice to get famous and the ruthlessness of what power could do to you depending on which class position you are (in), and I hope that it works out well!”

Amputation Capital is live on Kickstarter, and has already funded with more than 30 days remaining in the campaign. Backer rewards kick in at the £5 level (about $7) for Amputation Capital screensavers. Digital copies kick in at the £10 level (about $13). At higher levels, there are bundles including stickers, physical copies, tote bags, and creative sessions with Neil Gibson and Raymond Tyler. Check out the campaign here.

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