‘She-Hulk’ Manages To Do A Lot In Its First Episode

by Frank Martin

It’s odd how divisive society has become in response to simple comic book and superhero adaptations. Fanaticism has grown to such an extreme where a character like She-Hulk is criticized merely for being female. It has reached a point where a contingent of angry people decide to post negative reviews of the series even before it airs in order to bring down its aggregate rating on sites like iMDB. But this show wasn’t made for haters. It was made for people who actually enjoy the character and would like to see a fun, faithful adaptation of her. So it’s refreshing that the series decides not to pander and instead stay true to itself.

The first episode heavily features Mark Ruffalo‘s Smart Hulk as he attempts to teach Tatiana Maslany‘s She-Hulk to control her powers. It was a very smart move to isolate these two characters at a hideout in Mexico so that they could have the proper time to bond and for Bruce Banner to essentially endorse She-Hulk and welcome her to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It allowed Jennifer Walters a chance to showcase herself as a different character from the Hulk on many levels. Her Hulk is different physically, mentally, and even professionally as Jennifer returns to her life as a lawyer.

But the episode also provides some much needed focus on the Hulk himself. Bruce Banner’s characterization has roughly taken a back seat since his solo film at the start of the MCU. He’s merely been a side character, and so it was great to see him work through the ramifications of Avengers: Endgame and still struggle with morning Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) death. The first episode accomplished this with light humor, action, and great on-screen chemistry. There were some hiccups towards the end as the final fight didn’t really deliver, but this is still just episode one. There is a lot of series left and plenty of opportunities to shine.

She-Hulk streams new episodes Thursdays on Disney+.

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