Art For Art’s Sake #168: Totally On Target

by Richard Bruton

Hey there, take the weight off (and thanks to the last two years, there’s probably a lot more weight on you, both in spirit and in body) – time for another spin around the web for the great comic art out there. It’s Saturday, it’s time for Art For Art’s Sake.

Joe Decie makes fabulous comics, even when a few of them are in French – here’s his latest…

Javier Rodriguez – Skrulls meeting the Avengers for the first time…

Supergirl, Batgirl, Black Canary and Big Barda by Otto Schmidt

Michael Cho – Spidey –

Dan Hipp – Ghostbusters commission

Terry Moore‘s Francine and Katchoo – missing ComicCon?

Jeff Smith – Shazam & Bone –

Steve Dillon – 1982 – Marvel UK’s Winter Specials

Darryl Cunningham – these are just beautiful cityscapes…

Mike McKone Spidey & Spidey/Black Cat

Marguerite Sauvage

Tom Reilly – The Thing

George Kambadais – The Flash warm-up

Cliff Chiang – X-Men

Declan Shalvey – Moon Knight / Mr Knight

Scott McDaniel – 1993 Daredevil…

Jacob Edgar:

What’s on my mind tonight, did this a while back. Keep taking care of your bears, everyone.

Bradley Clayton

Adam Kubert – Wolverine

Greg Smallwood‘s art on Human Target… oh wow… like Tom King says… ‘This book is turning out to be something special, and we’re going to work to keep it special’



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