Marvel’s Monica Rambeau Returns In Her First Solo Series This December

by Tony Thornley

She’s had many names, but Monica Rambeau finally gets her much deserved first series this winter. Monica Rambeau: Photon might just break the Marvel Universe though.

Coming from Eve Ewing, new talent Michael Sta and a stunning cover and new design from Lucas Werneck, the five issue limited series will push Monica to the forefront of the Marvel Universe. It comes just ahead of her superhero identity’s live action debut, after her fan-favorite appearance in Disney+’s WandaVision.

From the New Orleans Harbor Patrol to the Avengers to the Ultimates, Monica Rambeau has been a leader and team player her entire life but now she’ll face a reality-shattering crisis that she’ll have no choice but to take on single-handedly. In order to do so, Photon will need to reach new heights of her incredible abilities—and then surpass them! In a revelatory journey spanning time and space, fan will behold Photon’s true potential. The adventure begins when Photon is charged with making a very special, very cosmic delivery. What should be light work (get it?) for Monica becomes increasingly complex and dangerous due to a threat from beyond and family drama. 

“It’s such an honor to be taking on the story of a legacy character like Monica Rambeau,” Ewing said. “Monica’s character has a long history in the Marvel Universe, but she’s way overdue for getting her own story told. I’m picking the pen up from the legend himself, Dwayne McDuffie, who put out the last Monica Rambeau solo adventure almost three decades ago. It’s a privilege and I’m excited to tell the story in a way that both highlights her incredible cosmic abilities as well as her everyday, relatable struggles. I hope this will be a title that has something equal to offer to veteran readers and folks who may be brand new to comics.”

Be sure to pre-order the series, and watch close for the debut of Monica Rambeau: Photon in December.

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