Not Your Final Girl Podcast – Surprise Musicals: ‘The Wicker Man’ (1973) And ‘Good Manners’ (2017)

by Ariel Dyer

Your (Not Your Final) Girls are back at it again with another oddball double feature, and this one comes with earworms. We’re talking about the fun yet malignant musical folk horror of The Wicker Man (1973), along with the persistently hard to classify aspects of werewolf tale, coming of age story, and sleeper musical Good Manners (2017).

Lord Summerisle leads the villagers in a musical ceremony

The music in these movies is fantastic – take it from two self-professed musical theater haters (with a few notable exceptions), they are both worth your time even if you detest spontaneous bursting into song. We’ve got multiple strains of culture shock, the agony and ecstasy of parenting, the futility of religion, sudden animated sequences, body horror, Christopher Lee delivering a soliloquy while chilling with snails, a guest appearance from Ariel’s cat in the form of a thumping sound near the end, animatronics, and of course our best Nicolas Cage impressions.

Woman walks in a city on a full moon night

Hit us up on the socials and tell us which songs from these soundtracks you’ve been whistling all week. Also what cut of The Wicker Man you like the best. Also what musical horror movies we need to check out (do not say Repo! The Genetic Opera). Love you, ghouls.

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Movies Discussed: The Wicker Man (1973), Good Manners (2017)

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