Tony Fleecs Oversees Film Homage Variant Covers For ‘Dark Ride’ From Skybound

by Olly MacNamee

Just as he did for his own Stray Dogs horror mini-series, Tony Fleecs will be overseeing the production a set of variant covers for Dark Ride, the new horror comic book series from the Birthright team of Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan. Variant covers that will, once again, homage iconic movie posters of the past.

“Devil Land has been the world’s premiere horror-themed amusement park for over 50 years, home to the scariest ride ever created – The Devil’s Due. But when lifelong fan Owen Seasons begins his first day on the job, he will discover the true horrors happening behind the scenes, the truth about the park’s reclusive creator Arthur Dante and that the job of his dreams might just be a living nightmare.” 

Here’s Fleecs discussing this new gig:

“I have a secret superpower, and I didn’t know it was something I could really do until we did approximately 1 million horror movie covers for Stray Dogs; I know how to do the logo part of an homage image… maybe better than anyone in the game. I’ve been friends with Josh Williamson for years and I think he really dug the horror movie covers Trish Forstner and I had done on our book Stray Dogs. He asked if we could bring that kind of thing to Dark Ride but sort of in reverse: Instead of cartoon versions of horror posters, horror versions of cartoon posters. So, of course, I called up some of my favorite artists. I’m so excited to be working on this project and to be able to bring a bunch of great artist friends with me.” 

Dark Ride #1 will arrive in comic book shops October 5, 2022 from Skybound.

The full list of covers for the debut issue is below:

  • Dark Ride #1 CVR A by Bressan & Lucas (Diamond Code MAY228047)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR B (Danny D. Evil Mascot Variant) by Morazzo & Lucas (MAY228048)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR C (Halloween Character Spotlight Variant) by Boo (AUG220022)
  • Dark Ride #1 CVR D 1:25 INCV (Classic Homage Poster Cover) by Forstner & Fleecs

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