‘Love And Rockets: The Great American Comic Book’ To Kick Off Artbound’s New Season In October

by Erik Amaya

Love and Rockets: The Great American Comic Book is a forthcoming documentary from the PBS series Artbound. Influential and beloved, the comic book celebrates its 40th anniversary this year and brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez (and possibly Mario?) look back at both the way the series has evolved across the years and how it began. And as seen in the trailer above, fans and cultural experts offer their own takes on Love and Rockets quality and legacy.

Subsequent episodes will focus on Pasadena-based Marcel Duchamp retrospective of 1963, the impact of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the influence of Asian American pop culture magazine Giant Robot, the life of renowned artist Rubén Ortiz Torres, and an exploration of contemporary artists in “Arte Cósmico.”

Love and Rockets: The Great American Comic Book debuts October 5th on LA area PBS station KCET and will be available on the PBS app.

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