‘Pulp Bytes,’ Scout Comics’ Twisted Tales Of Technological Terror Premieres October 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced Pulp Bytes, a collection of stand-alone horror stories from writer/artist Pat Higgins. Due in October, Pulp Bytes draws inspiration from the pulp comics of the past, and examines the unseen, daily dangers and unexpected consequences we face in the modern world.

Issue one includes two twisted tales of technological terror. The first, Junebug Bites Back, is the story of an overbearing pageant mom who gets her just desserts after purchasing supplements from the dark web. In Terms and Conditions, Jack and Lacey’s day of distraction turns to a nightmare when they ignore the fine print.

“I love horror anthologies,” said Higgins. “Whether it’s E.C. horror comics, The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, or countless others, they always suck me in. The short stories coupled with the variety of characters and situations are a perfect fit for my short attention span. Pulp Bytes is my own take on the sub-genre…It’s what happens when you take all of my influences, fears, and what-ifs, shake them up in my head, and spit them onto paper. I’ve been wanting to do this project for a long time, and I’ve found the perfect home for it at Scout Comics.”


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