‘Seven Knights 2’ Adds New Characters, Events, And More In Most Recent Global Update

by Gary Catig

The mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 just announced its next global update. Players can expect new a new playable hero and pet, events, and more.

Arc of Azure Light Taka can now be obtained from the Summon Shop. The character is the son of Teo and Orly and is an attack-type that is devoted to perfecting his swordsmanship. He can be a valuable ally because his Danse Macabre skill is a strong move that causes heavy and increasing damage to targets. In addition, his ultimate, the Cool Wind Strike, inflicts even more damage and the bleed effect. Taka’s other features include defense ignoring mechanisms and increasing single target skill damages of allies.

If you enjoy pets, you might want to collect [Legendary+] Empress of Aisha Rin. She increases the ultimate skill gauge by 50% while also providing disguise for 8 seconds if the hero’s HP is under 30%.

Other additional content include:

  • Celestial Tower Addition: The preexisting Celestial Tower 1F~120F is now changed to the ‘Easy’ difficulty level, while a new ‘Normal’ mode is added with higher difficulty. In Normal mode, players will encounter new boss types like the Gargoyle of Destruction.
  • Formation Expansion: Six new types of formation are added including: Charge, Defense, Speed, Fatal, Block and Invasion. A total of 28 positions for strategy are ready for players to test their tactics.

As well as the following events:

  • Fashion Box: Players receive Fashion Boxes which can be opened for various rewards.
  • Fashion Box Collection Event (Aug. 31 – Sept. 14): Players will receive costume tickets based on the number of Fashion Boxes they collect throughout the event. These can be exchanged for a costume of choice and a Legendary+ Equipment Ticket.
  • Preparing Fashion Show Check-in Event: Players can obtain Fashion Boxes just by checking into the game daily.
  • Play Field Exploration and Raid: Players can obtain additional Fashion Boxes from playing Field Exploration and Raid

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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