There’s A New Maniac Terrorising The City In AfterShock’s ‘Maniac Of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback’

by Olly MacNamee

Harry Maniac may be dead but his legacy lives on in new series, Maniac Of New York: Don’t Call It A Comeback from writer Elliott Kalan and artist Andrea Mutti.

“Maniac Harry, the seemingly unstoppable killer, has finally been stopped. The city celebrates, the Mayor takes the credit, and Maniac Task Force Director Gina Greene — last seen slicing the Maniac’s head open — has disappeared to parts unknown. Now NYPD Detective Zelda Pettibone must pick up the pieces of a life that’s suddenly so empty she almost wishes the Maniac was back. And, unfortunately, sometimes wishes are granted.  

THAT’S RIGHT, THERE’S A NEW MANIAC, BUT NOT THE ONE YOU’RE EXPECTING! Stay out of Central Park and stay away from cable news, ‘cause something terrifying is on the loose! 

Writer Elliott Kalan and artist Andrea Mutti return to the acclaimed horror-satire series for a tale of horrifying gore and even more horrifying cultural relevance!”

Out on Wednesday 7th December from AfterShock Comics, not only do we have a first look, but we have Kalan summarising the slasher saga so far:

“In case anyone in America needs a reminder of the exploits of our most beloved slasher killer, in MANIAC OF NEW YORK: THE DEATH TRAIN, we were introduced to a New York that has been plagued for years by Maniac Harry, an unkillable masked slasher. It’s a hard problem to solve, so the government has mainly decided to ignore it. But new Maniac Task Force Chairperson Gina Greene has a private vendetta against Maniac Harry, and teams with cynical NYPD Detective Zelda Pettibone to go after Harry when the Maniac starts killing his way through a subway train. In the end, they’re able to save two little kids, but the Maniac gets away. In MANIAC OF NEW YORK: THE BRONX IS BURNING, Zelda and Gina are still on the case – and pariahs for failing to catch Harry the last time. Maniac Harry terrorizes a Bronx high school, then follows the national anthem to Yankee Stadium for a major league killing spree. Zelda and Gina catch up to him, and Gina unleashes a barrage of Molotov cocktails, burning Harry to ashes on live television.”

Kalan continues:

“The first thing readers will discover in VOL. 3: DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK, is how the Maniac can go back to killing when he was seemingly killed at the end of THE BRONX IS BURNING! They’ll also see how Zelda, Gina, and our other characters have handled the fallout of coming face to face with the monstrous Maniac. Not only that, but we’ll get to attend a glamorous New York high society event, and see what happens when the inevitable pro-Maniac contingent arises.”

Plus, he spills his guts on the inspirations fuelling this new series:

“Thank you! I have to say, with this one I feel like I was more inspired by the real world that we live in than by any particular movies. I think readers will see the parallels even more clearly this time than in the past. There’s more political and media satire in this storyline, so in a way I was digging back into my years at The Daily Show. And if I’m being honest, I was probably heavily influenced by A Face In The Crowd. Hmm, and maybe there’s a touch of Night At The Museum. I mean, if it was a bloody horror movie.”

As for what’s next….

“That’s a good question! We’ll have to see how DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK turns out! But I’m always excited to tell more stories of the Maniac. At some point, maybe we’ll get to delve into his surprisingly long history – and of course, there’s always the question of what happens if the Maniac of New York finds his way out of New York. That’s right, nowhere is safe!”

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