‘Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Celebrates Its 100-Day Launch Anniversary

by Gary Catig

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds recently rolled out its “Cooking Competition” episode. Now that the massive multiplayer online role-playing anime game has reached 100 days since its initial launch, it is ready to release the next episode in addition to new content, events, and more.

The second episode of the “Cooking Competition” can be found at Evermore. It will contain a related dungeon and new Reputation Quests. Need an extra challenge? Hard Mode is available for the Episode Special Dungeon, where many rewards can be earned including new Hair and Appearance decorations depending on the Hard Mode Dungeon rankings.

For the 100-Day Launch Anniversary, there is a special check-in event where you can collect items such as a 6★ Dimensional Deer and a Rare 4★ Equipment Selection Chest.

The other limited-time events are:

  • Become the Cooking King: Upon finishing this event mission and clearing the Episode Dungeon, players can receive Mission points and various drink rewards. The Tetro Puzzle pack can also be obtained by accumulating mission points.
  • The Platypaws’s Hot Bun-Eating: The ‘Hot Bun eating’ event offers a mini game based on the 2nd Episode concept. Players can earn various rewards such as Food Ingredient, Equipment Summon Coupon, Familiar Summon Coupon, and Bound Territe.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on mobile platforms and is also playable on PC using cross-play.

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