Kickstarting Comics: Sci-Fi Fantasy ‘Digital – Chapter 3’

by Olly MacNamee

Digital: Chapter 3 is the third instalment from writer Rich Watkin, artists Alex Paterson and Keely Mikkelsen. currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter here.

Here’s a quick rundown of what this sci-fi fantasy series is all about, as well as a preview:

“Digital is an on-going sci-fi fantasy story set against the backdrop of an Earth blinded by its dependence on technology that it never saw the A.I. which catered for its every need rise up and take charge.

Bear, Aisha & Noose are the last free humans and in an attempt to evade capture, the escape vessel they boarded inadvertently took them into space. Having managed to circumvent an air leak, they’ve landed on an unknown planet to fix the damaged ship. New threats lie ahead for our three strangers, can they unify or will they break?

Set in a world of science fiction, flirting with science fact, Digital explores the non-binary nature of humanity and the very essence of what it means to be human. We look at the nuances of decisions made and the repercussions they carry, as well as ideas of  existentialism beyond our understanding.”

As with any crowdfunding campaign there are various pledge rewards available, from a digital copy for just a fiver (£5) to the more lavish £500, which will get you, amongst other things, your likeness in the comic, sketch card, various covers and more. But, do look at all the pledges if you visit the campaign for yourselves.

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