‘Marvel’s Midnight Suns’ Gets A New Release Date In Latest Trailer

by Sage Ashford

During the D23 Expo Disney And Marvel Games Showcase, 2K Games and Firaxis had the chance to show off Marvel’s Midnight Suns again, this time with its new release date: December 2nd. This is the second time the game has shifted release dates, with the game originally planned to debut last February.

Alongside this latest trailer, the team also announced there would be a series of videos known as Prequel Shorts which will launch ahead of the game. These shorts will show how Lilith became the Mother of Demons, and focus on the magical superheroes first get-together as the precursor to the Midnight Suns. This announcement came with a teaser trailer introducing all the game’s protagonists in an 1992 X-Men: The Animated Series‘ style intro. The first of these prequel shorts launches on October 31st, but the teaser trailer can be found below.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Steam, and Epic Games Store on December 2nd. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will see the game launch at a later date.

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