Red Sonja Faces Hell In December’s ‘Red Sonja / Hell Sonja’

by Erik Amaya

When Hell itself begins to cave in, Sonjaverse‘s Hell Sonja escapes through a portal, but soon finds herself stranded on Earth. There, she is powerless, but still hunted by the evil from her home dimension. Naturally enough, there is only one warrior with the might to help her fight back against horrendous Hell creatures: Red Sonja! And, really, do the hordes of Hell have a chance against two Sonjas?

That’s the premise of Dynamite’s next Sonjaverse title, Red Sonja/Hell Sonja.

“It’s great to be back!” writer Jordan Clark said in a statement. He previously worked in the Sonjaverse with Samurai Sonja. “I’ve loved getting the chance to introduce [her] and this was an opportunity to try and stretch things even further … When the idea of a Red Sonja/Hell Sonja story was brought to me, my mind immediately went towards cosmic horror. For these two to team up again it would take quite the threat, and what bigger threat than your own sanity?”

Clark is joined on the title by artist Miriana Puglia with Lucio Parrillo, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Joseph Michael Linsner, Rebeca Puebla, and cosplayer Rachel Hollon providing covers.

Red Sonja/Hell Sonja #1 arrives in comic shops this December.

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