Review: ‘New Mutants’ #29 Peels Back Layers And Has A Breakthrough

by Tony Thornley

Gabby Kinney has been a big part of New Mutants since the post-X of Swords relaunch, and it’s put her through the wringer. So what happens when her big brother has had enough? It’s not good for Jimmy Proudstar.

Cover by Rafael de la Torre & David Curiel

The regular team takes a five issue break starting this issue. The guest issues start here with this spotlight by Danny Lore, Guillermo Sanna, Dan Brown, and Travis Lanham.

Akihiro has had enough. After Gabby disappears into a gate that leads straight to Orchis, he confronts Proudstar about how they’ve endangered his sister over and over. It leads the two heroes straight into a confrontation with Orchis, but also with some deep issues that they need to resolve.

Lore picks up threads from Vita Ayala’s run as well as plots from all over Krakoa and simply runs with them in an incredibly satisfying way. This is equal parts character study and action piece, but every bit of it is in service to advancing the story for each of the three leads.

Akihiro realizes his overprotectiveness is from something much deeper, Jimmy confronts the self-loathing he’s had about being good enough for his recently-returned brother, and Gabby learns that she can rely on others. It’s a great done in one that I really enjoyed.

Sanna is an artist that I wasn’t familiar with, but after this issue, I hope we see more of him. He has a clean style that reminded me of David Aja, with a great ability to handle both quiet moments and action. He even mashes the two together really well as Jimmy and Akihiro confront Orchis, all while grappling with their issues and beginning to find common ground. 

Brown’s colors are a bit muted, but that actually fits Sanna’s linework better, and still goes a long way towards setting the scene and the mood that Lore put on paper. Lanham does the same with his lettering work, making the dialogue between two tough guys seem sparse and curt, while adding fun sound effects here and there.

This issue is pretty deep in recent X-Men lore, but I think that actually works to its advantage, and it shows what this series has to offer, especially once the regular creative team returns.

New Mutants #29 is available now from Marvel Comics.


The best kind of one-shot fill-in issue. This issue made me want more from this creative team, and it filled in blanks for characters that greatly needed it. Highly recommended.

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