Vampirella Reaches Her Due Date In December’s ‘Vampirella: Year One’ #6

by Erik Amaya

Since the end of Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy, Vampi has known one thing about her ill-fated marriage to Matt Ecsed — it would produce a baby. And now, with Christopher Priest latest Vampirella story, Vampirella: Year One, coming to an end with its six issue, it’s time for that child to be born. Although the series, by Priest and artist Ergün Gündüz, has focused on Vampi’s earliest days as a rebellious teen on her home planet and what lead her to Earth, it has also kept the present-day story of her pregnancy moving. But, as Dynamite Entertainment itself asks, “is the child a blessing, or curse?”

While that question hands in the air, the company also notes the child — whatever it may be — joins Vampirella’s family, Draculina and Evily the Witch, and allies like Pendragon, Conrad and Adam Van Helsing, and Pantha in the ever-expanding Vampirella universe. But the exact nature of the baby will only be revealed in Vampirella: Year One #6, due out in comic shops this December.

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