‘Savage Tales’ Returns For A Winter Special This December

by Erik Amaya

Dynamite’s Savage Tales is returning for a new batch of adventures.

The first special, released by in July, revived the adventure/creepy tale anthology format of a bygone comic book era. Its stories centered on Vampirella, Red Sonja, Allan Quatermain and Captain Gullivar Jones and was well-received. The upcoming Savage Tales: Winter Special features four new stories of brutality, thrills, and spills. Writers Scott Bryan Wilson and David Avallone contribute the tales, pairing them with Kubert School graduates Mariano Benitez Chapo and Hamish Munro-Cook and other artists.

Wilson and Benitez Chapo team up for “Crypt Junkies,” which sees Vampirella accompany a TV crew when they open a 1,000-year-old sarcophagus. The live shot turns out bloody for all involved. Wilson also collaborates with Max Fuchs for “Devil Juice,” a Draculina tale in which she faces a team of body builders to get her revenge on a certain demon.

Avallone’s stories, meanwhile, include a new story of Captain Gullivar Jones on the savage world of Mars in “His War Chapter II” — the writer’s collaboration with Munro-Cook. Then, he and artist Eman Casallos head for “the dying world of Barsoom” and more adventures with John Carter, Warlord of Mars and his mate Dejah Thoris.

Savage Tales: Winter Special reaches store shelves in December.

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