Hasbro Pulse Con Returns With Engaging Brand Panels And Exclusives

by Gary Catig

Hasbro’s virtual event, Hasbro Pulse Con, will be returning this Fall — running from September 30th to October 1st. Get ready to celebrate all of the toy company’s different brands with tons of news and never-before-seen product reveals.

Hasbro Pulse Con will be hosted by Khleo Thomas and feature new products from Hasbro’s Marvel, Transformers, Starting Lineup, Fortnite, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, Avalon Hill, Magic: The Gathering, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars lines. There will be “engaging” brand panels, exclusive content drops, over 55 new product reveals, celebrity appearances, exclusive Hasbro Pulse Premium Member opportunities, the long-awaited launch of Hasbro Selfie Series, and music from West Coast hip hop legend DJ Amen. You can livestream it exclusively on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel.

During the event, you can even pre-order Hasbro Pulse Con exclusive items like the ones seen below.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection The Rescue Set Multipack 

Star Wars: The Black Series Cassian Andor & B2EMO

G.I. JOE Classified Series Serpentor & Air Chariot

Transformers: Legacy A Hero is Born: Alpha Trion & Orion Pax 2- Pack

Hasbro Pulse Con is free to watch and you can even help out a charity. Hasbro is partnering with Toys for Tots during this year’s event. For every viewer of Hasbro Pulse Con 2022, Hasbro will donate two toys or games — up to 60,000 pieces– to the organization.

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