‘The X-Files’ Meets ‘Black Mirror’: Previewing ‘Chilling Adventures Presents… Weirder Mysteries’

by Brendan M. Allen

Archie Comics has revealed a preview of Chilling Adventures Presents… Weirder Mysteries (One-Shot), out this week from creators Frank Tieri, Joanne Starer, Ron Robbins, Federico Sabbatini, Juan Bobillo, Ryan Jampole, Matt Herms, Jack Morelli, and more.

‘Riverdale is known to be a hotbed of strange happenings and paranormal activity… always has been and always will be. Take a look as a few extra-special case files are opened that highlight the weird occurrences that happen in the small, quiet town, in a one-shot anthology that’s equal parts The X-Files and Black Mirror.’ 

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